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We have a wonderful symbiotic relationship between our expertise and abilities, which enables us to produce a balanced output of excellence and innovation, which is essential in this game of fierce competition.

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The best virtual administrative and customer support services to rely on locally and internationally

Most start-ups and large companies spend a lot of time and money in handling mundane duties associated with daily business operations . The motivation towards the starting of MVS is to provide virtual assistant services to help business owners, executives and entrepreneur outsource time-consuming tasks, saving time and money they can use to run their business. Our services are 99% virtual and only provided physically where that need arises. We deliver quality work effectively and efficiently as we aim to exceed your expectations and that of your organization.

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Customer Support

We help organization's clients with concerns in orderto keep customers satisfied so thatthey can continue to use your product/service. We do this by answering inquiries, solving problems, monitoring performance, employee managementidentifying patterns.

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Data entry and management

We assist you in entering, managing, and organizing your data by preparing, compiling, and reviewing data for accuracy, data mining and online research, activity and task tracking, competitive analysis, and report generation..

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Digital Marketing

We use digital channels and technologies to promote and sell you products and services. By using our digital channels , we ensure that your business can reach a wider audience than they would be able to through traditional marketing methods and can track the success of their campaigns in real time. Read More


We convert spoken or audio language into written or text form to individuals and organizations. We work with legal, medical, academic and business settings.

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This service is designed to help you create professional, visually appealing documents that effectively communicate your ideas and information. We do presentations for business meeting, report for a school projects, or proposal for new projects.

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Web Development

We build, design, update, maintain existing websites, provide support and troubleshoot for website issues. We also do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help a website rank highly in search engine results, .

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Calendar Management

We help to organize and manage appointments, meetings, and events on behalf of our clients. We do this by working closely with our clients to understand their schedules and needs, and we use a range of tools and technologies to manage and track appointments, including online calendars, project management software, and email communication.

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Project Documentation

Project documentation is a service offered by our company that helps organizations to document and manage their projects effectively. This service includes the creation of various types of documents such as project plans, requirements documents, design documents, and testing documents.

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